Adom Tv reporter try to interview the Child of late Christian Atsu

In a solemn final farewell service for the late Christian Atsu, an Adom TV reporter caused a stir by attempting to interview the footballer’s young son. The incident has drawn criticism from many who viewed the reporter’s actions as insensitive and in bad taste.

The final burial service for Christian Atsu, who passed away last month, was held on Friday at the state house in Accra. Mourners from across the country gathered to pay their last respects to the talented athlete, who had made a name for himself both at home and abroad.

However, the solemnity of the occasion was disrupted when an Adom TV reporter attempted to interview Atsu’s young son, who was present at the funeral. Many of the mourners were taken aback by the reporter’s behavior, with some labeling it as a clear case of bad journalism.

The incident has since caused a backlash on social media, with many people condemning the reporter’s actions. Some have accused the journalist of being insensitive and lacking empathy for the grieving family, while others have suggested that he was simply looking for a sensational story.

In video going viral on social media, the reporter approached the boy while he was standing next to his mother, who was visibly upset by the incident. The reporter is said to have asked the child how he was feeling about his father’s passing and whether he would miss him.

Meanwhile, many Ghanaians have taken to social media to express their outrage at the incident, with some calling for greater sensitivity and respect for grieving families in the media.

As the nation mourns the loss of a beloved athlete, it is clear that the incident at Christian Atsu’s funeral has struck a chord with many Ghanaians, highlighting the need for greater compassion and sensitivity in the media’s coverage of sensitive events.

Source: ghnewsbuzz.com

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