“Ashaiman Deserve The Military Brutality considering their crime history” – says Bongo

Bongo has once again sparked reactions with his verdict concerning the ongoing happenings in Ashaiman.

Bongo in a twitter post stated emphatically that, the people of Ashaiman deserves whatever brutality they have been subjected to by the Ghana Armed Forces.

According to him the community is has a long history of Crime especially with their recent act of Murdering an army officer.

“Ashaiman actually deserved that whooping by the military, considering the crime history and rowdiness of the area.

You don’t brutally k1ll a soldier and expect the Ghana Armed Forces to be quiet. Bit extreme but it’s for the greater good. Let’s move on.” Bongo wrote

Bongo Continued with his argument that Civilians have long taken the law into their own hands and did all kind of things to Police and Military personnels so they had to take it in good faith if they are fighting back.


“Well said brother, you see why I love you. Too much sense is killing you bro….keep doing the good work”

This is the kinda reasoning we need in this country

They had just one thing to do…Just bring out the criminals and be free…Residents are fully aware of the criminal acts in Ashaiman but they keep quiet

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