‘Don’t ignore me’, American singer, Chris Brown threw fan’s phone into the crowd after she ignored him during performance

A video capturing American singer, Chris Brown, flinging a fan’s phone into the crowd during a recent concert is currently making waves online. The incident occurred during the singer’s “Under The Influence” tour, where he had invited a female fan upstage to serenade her.

The fan was given a chair to sit on while Chris Brown and his dance crew performed for her, much to the excitement of other ladies in the audience. However, the fan seemed more interested in her phone, constantly checking it throughout the performance.

Chris Brown initially collected the phone and placed it face-down on her lap, indicating that he wanted her to focus on the performance. However, the fan picked up her phone again and attempted to record a video while the singer was giving her a lap dance.

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Clearly displeased with the fan’s behavior, Chris Brown grabbed the phone from her hands and flung it into the crowd, leaving the fan and the audience in shock.

The incident has since sparked reactions on social media, with many fans divided on the singer’s action. While some believe that the fan was being disrespectful, others have criticized Chris Brown’s action as an overreaction.

This is not the first time Chris Brown has been involved in a controversial incident during one of his concerts. However, it remains to be seen whether this recent incident will affect the singer’s reputation or future performances.

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