Fans React as Kumawood Actress Bernice Asare Goes Mad After Snatching Friend’s Boyfriend – Video

Kumawood actress Bernice Asare has been spotted in a new video, losing her mind as she narrates her ordeal.

The video was published on TikTok and, afterward, on her other social media platforms.

The video has further been repeated by blogs and her admirers.

The particles on her face appeared like makeup art, indicating she was made up for a role in an upcoming project.

In an ecstatic mood, the actress was also spotted dancing and singing in soiled white attire.

Asked how she became mad, she said she snatched someone’s boyfriend and what was coming to her.

Check out the hilarious video below.

However, viewers have complained about her wearing nails in the video, which confirms she wore them while playing her character.

They jabbed her for wearing long nails, which do not do justice to the character she tried to portray, saying it is unrealistic.

Meanwhile, check out a few of the responses below.

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