Genotype Compatibility leads to break up

In a heart-wrenching story that has recently emerged, a lady, whose name has been kept private, has shared her experience of being in a relationship with a man who was not compatible with her genetically.

According to the lady, she and her fiancé went to check their genotypes about four years ago, at the beginning of their relationship. To her dismay, they found out that they were not compatible. She decided that they should break up since they could not take the risk, but her fiancé refused, citing his faith in God and his love for her.

Genotype Compatibility leads to break up

Linda said, “I and my fiance went to check our genotype about 4 years ago which was the beginning of our relationship and we were not compatible. I decided that we break up since we cannot take the risk, but he refused, saying that, God is alive and that, our kids will be healthy. He loves me and cannot afford to lose me. I also love him so we stayed.”

Despite the genotype issue, the couple stayed together and even planned to get married this year. They made all the necessary preparations for their traditional marriage and wedding, but a week before the events, the fiancé expressed his worries about the genotype issue and informed the lady that his mother was pressuring him not to go ahead with the marriage.

Linda expressed her hurt and disappointment, saying, Now, we plan to marry this year and all our preparations are done. A week to both our traditional marriage and wedding, he told me that, the genotype issue is worrying him that we should not continue with the marriage and that his mother is pressuring him not to go ahead with the marriage. We all plan not to tell anyone but he told his mother about it. I’m so hurt to the extent that, I want to end it all. I lost someone with whom we were compatible because of him. I’m so down right now”

Linda’s story is a sobering reminder of the importance of genotype compatibility in relationships and marriage. It also highlights the complex emotional and social pressures that individuals may face when confronted with such issues.

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