Ghanaian businessman Mcdan lands in Sunyani with private jet

Renowned Ghanaian businessman McDan has arrived in Sunyani with his private jet and a team of esteemed journalists and bloggers. The purpose of his visit is to speak at the McDan Youth Connect program, which aims to educate the youth in the region about entrepreneurship and inspire them to pursue their dreams.

McDan’s Shipping Company operates at over 200 Sea & air Ports, he has a net worth of $600M

McDan’s arrival has caused a stir in the region, with many eager to hear from the successful entrepreneur. The program promises to be an engaging and informative event, with McDan sharing his wealth of experience and insights into the world of business.

The event is expected to draw a large crowd, with young people from all over the region gathering to hear from McDan and learn about entrepreneurship. The program is seen as an important initiative, providing valuable resources and support for the youth in the region.

Dr. Osei Kwame Despite holds PhD in Economics, estimated to have net worth of $450 million

Watch the video below:

McDan’s visit to Sunyani is a testament to his commitment to empowering young people and promoting entrepreneurship in Ghana. His success in the business world serves as an inspiration to many, and his presence at the McDan Youth Connect program is sure to be a highlight of the event.

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