He didn’t like food stored in the freezer, and wanted fresh food cooked everyday

Nigerian Clergywoman Anwinli Ojeikere, who runs a joint-YouTube channel with her husband called ‘The Winlos’, has shared her experience with her husband, Pastor Ohis Muyiwa Ojeikere, in the early years of their marriage. In a recent tweet, Anwinli disclosed that her husband had a preference for fresh food and disliked having food refrigerated and then heated up later.

He didn’t like food stored in the freezer, and wanted fresh food cooked everyday

“Initially my hubby didn’t like foods stored in the freezer. He said he wanted fresh food like you cook today and everyday. We had to have a conference meeting and afterwards he adjusted to freezer food. This is actually a topic to discuss before you say I do,” she tweeted.

The couple, who have been married for ten years, had to have a “conference meeting” to discuss the issue before her husband could adjust to eating refrigerated food. Anwinli encouraged dating couples to discuss food preferences before getting married, citing her experience as an example.

Food preference is an important aspect of a relationship, and Anwinli’s experience underscores the importance of discussing such preferences with your partner before marriage. Anwinli’s tweet has generated several reactions, with many people sharing their experiences and tips on how to navigate such situations in marriage.

Anwinli and her husband’s YouTube channel, ‘The Winlos’, focuses on marriage, family, and lifestyle, and has over 225,000 subscribers. The couple, who are both pastors, share their experiences and offer advice to couples on how to build and maintain a successful marriage.

In conclusion, Anwinli Ojeikere’s experience with her husband’s food preferences highlights the importance of discussing important issues, such as food preferences, before getting married. Such discussions can help couples avoid unnecessary disagreements and conflicts in their marriage.

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