“He is the future of Black history”, Young African-American boy breaks US school’s 46-year-old record, becomes first-ever to score 100% in university entrance examination

Mario Hoove, a young African-American boy from Providence-St. Mel School in Chicago, United States, achieved a remarkable milestone recently: he broke the 46-year-old record of the school by scoring a perfect 100% grade in the country’s ACT examination.

“He is the future of Black history, in the sense that he has made history here in the present and that’s going to live on forever,” says Timothy Ervin, The principal of the school.

Mario’s success is an inspiring example of hard work and dedication paying off. He studied for hours on end, sacrificing time with friends and family, in order to achieve the best possible grade. Mario’s story is one of the many examples of how the combination of intelligence and hard work can lead to success.

Mario’s achievement has been celebrated far and wide. He has been featured in local newspapers and has even been invited to talk about his success on various radio stations. His story has become an inspiration for young people all over the country, as his example shows that it is possible to work hard and achieve great things.

Mario’s success is also a testament to the power of perseverance. He worked hard despite the many challenges he faced and the difficulties of balancing his studies with the other aspects of his life. His story is an important reminder that, while obstacles can be difficult, it is possible to overcome them if you dedicate yourself to your goals.

Mario Hoove’s achievement is an incredible feat, and it serves as a reminder that persistence and hard work can help people achieve remarkable goals. His story is a great example of how success can be attained, no matter where you come from and what challenges you face.

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