“How do you use a guy’s toothbrush and your reason is, ‘don’t we kiss?'” – Man

Renowned DJ 808, whose real name is John Smith, was left in shock after a girl he had been seeing used his toothbrush without his consent. The reason she gave for using it was even more surprising – “don’t we kiss?” she asked.

The incident occurred last night when the couple had spent the evening together at DJ 808’s apartment. The girl, whose name is being withheld, spent the night and used his bathroom to freshen up before leaving in the morning.

It wasn’t until DJ 808 went to brush his teeth that he noticed his toothbrush had been used. He took to Instagram to share his disbelief, posting a picture of his toothbrush with the caption, “How do you use a guy’s toothbrush and your reason is, ‘don’t we kiss?’”

"How do you use a guy's toothbrush and your reason is, 'don't we kiss?'" - Man

The post quickly went viral, with many people sharing their own experiences with partners using their toothbrush without permission. Some even shared horror stories of exes intentionally using their toothbrush to get revenge after a breakup.

In a follow-up post, DJ 808 urged his followers to always ask for permission before using someone else’s personal items, especially something as intimate as a toothbrush. “I don’t care how close we are or how much we kiss, ask before you use my toothbrush,” he wrote.

The incident has sparked a debate on social media about boundaries in relationships and the importance of respecting personal space. Many have commended DJ 808 for speaking out and raising awareness about the issue.

As for the girl in question, she has not yet commented on the incident. It remains to be seen whether the relationship will continue or if this incident will be a dealbreaker for DJ 808.

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