How much does Jake from State Farm make? Exploring the 2023 Net of Kevin Miles

Jake from State Farm is a popular insurance company mascot. He first appeared in a 2011 commercial and became a popular figure in advertising.

The original Jake made around $10,000 for his role in the commercial. He has since been replaced by actor Kevin Miles.

The Original Jake

The original Jake from state farm starred in a 2011 commercial that became a viral sensation. It depicted a married man calling his insurance agent at 3 a.m., only to be confronted by his wife who believed that he was cheating.

The ad was incredibly popular, and even started a Twitter profile for Jake Stone. The 26-year-old Bloomington, Illinois, resident was working as an insurance agent and bartender at the time.

In the ad, his wife suspects infidelity and grabs the phone. He then replies to her question about what he’s wearing by saying “Uh, khakis.”

According to Patti Morris, assistant Vice-President of Marketing for State Farm, the original Jake was great at delivering the signature line “Uh khakis,” but the role expanded and became more demanding.

State Farm eventually replaced the original Jake with an actual actor, Kevin Mimms. Mimms is a professional actor who has experience in working with celebrities, so he was an obvious choice for the role. He has earned between $10,000 and $15,000 for his State Farm ads and also has a career as an influencer on social media.

The New Jake

Jake from state farm is a famous insurance mascot who is often featured in commercials. The character is a hit with viewers and has even inspired a cult following.

The original Jake from state farm was a real State Farm agent named Jake Stone who won the role in an in-house competition. He eventually left State Farm and went on to pursue a career in acting.

When State Farm wanted to expand the Jake from state farm ad campaign, they hired Kevin Miles to take over the role. He was a perfect fit for the role because he had the right appeal, look, aura, and physicality. He also had a strong social media presence.

He has appeared in dozens of State Farm commercials since he took on the role. He has also made appearances on TV and in movies. He has also received a lot of recognition from his fans, which has helped boost his net worth.

The Net Worth of Kevin Miles 2023

Kevin Miles has been consistently acting since 2010 and is now a household name in American entertainment. He has appeared in many popular movies, including Lap Dance (2014), S.W.A.T (2017), Innocent (2010), and Tall Girl 2.

He also appears in a variety of commercials for companies like Henry’s Hard Sparkling water, T-Mobile, Hyundai, McDonald’s, Pepsi, Taco Bell, Coors Light, 5 Hour Energy, and Bose. This has added to his net worth immensely.

He was born and raised in Chicago’s south side and grew up enjoying sports. At age nine, he realized that he wanted to be an actor and took up acting classes. He passed a screen test and started his career a year later.

The Net Worth of Kevin Mims 2023

When Kevin Mimms first moved to Los Angeles, he was unable to afford rent. He even slept in his car until he could find a place to live.

He eventually found success despite these obstacles and now enjoys a comfortable life with his wife and children. As a result, his net worth is estimated to be around $1.2 million.

His fortune is largely made through his acting career, which has seen him appear in over 15 films and TV shows. He has garnered critical acclaim and a loyal following for his work.

He has also appeared in a variety of commercials for various brands, including Coors Light, Panera Bread, Henry’s Hard Sparkling Water, T-Mobile, Hyundai, eBay, Taco Bell, and Bose. However, State Farm is his most popular commercial.

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