“I can say Black Sherif had a hand in my daughter’s de@th” – Father of Black Sherif’s late girlfriend

Stories emerged that Black Sherif recorded “Oh Paradise” off his debut album in honour of his ex school girlfriend back in school who died under a mysterious condition at Kumasi Academy five years ago.

The father of the girl has come out to grant an interview to address the story going viral on the internet with a different dimension from what is widely known.

According to the father of the late Clementina, his daughter was too young to have a boyfriend at that age and no family member had any information about Black Sherif’s relationship with his daughter.

He said that, during the burial service of the girl, neither Black Sherif nor any member of his of his family availed themselves as one who had a relationship with the little girl.

He continued that, Black Sherif must come out to explain himself otherwise he could say that Blacko knows something about his daughter’s death.

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