“I told him my house rent will expire this month and he stop talking to me, I didn’t ask him to pay o” – Lady sh0cked as admirer ends talking stage

In a recent social media revelation, a Twitter user with the handle @Jojonitq shared a baffling encounter she had with an admirer. The incident took an unexpected turn after she casually mentioned that her house rent was about to expire. The abrupt end to their communication left the user puzzled and sparked a lively discussion online.

"I told him my house rent will expire this month and he stop talking to me, I didn’t ask him to pay o" - Lady sh0cked as admirer ends talking stage

According to @Jojonitq’s account, the interaction began positively, and the two individuals engaged in conversation for some time. However, when she casually disclosed her impending house rent expiry, the admirer abruptly ended the talking stage and ceased all communication.

Expressing her surprise and disappointment, @Jojonitq took to Twitter to share her story, emphasizing that she had never asked the man to pay her rent. In her own words, she wrote, “Met this guy yesterday, we got talking. I told him my house rent will expire this month, and baba stopped talking to me. I only told him, I didn’t ask him to pay o.”

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The tweet quickly gained traction, attracting numerous reactions and comments from netizens who were intrigued by the admirer’s unexpected response. Many Twitter users expressed their shock and disbelief, highlighting the strange nature of the situation. Some empathized with @Jojonitq, expressing their support and reassuring her that she deserved better.

As the story spread across the Twitterverse, various theories and speculations emerged regarding the admirer’s sudden exit. Some suggested that the man might have felt overwhelmed or burdened by the mention of financial responsibilities. Others speculated that he may have been seeking a relationship without any financial obligations, leading to his hasty departure.

The incident sparked a broader conversation about expectations and communication within relationships. Many users expressed the importance of open and honest discussions early on to avoid misunderstandings and unrealistic assumptions.

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