“If you date Without fornicating it makes It easier to walk away when you break up with your partner”- relationship counselor

Nigerian marriage and relationship counselor, Solomon Buchi, has advised unmarried couples to abstain from sleeping with each other before walking down the aisle. In a recent tweet, Buchi highlighted the importance of experiencing intimacy without s£x before marriage and warned that those who engage in premarital s£x easily move on when they break up.

"If you date Without fornicating it makes It easier to walk away when you break up with your partner"- relationship counselor

According to Buchi, marriage is much bigger than s£x, and couples should learn to sustain intimacy even when sex isn’t available in marriage. He emphasized that couples who date without s£x will have clearer heads and minds, making it easier to walk away when the relationship doesn’t work out. Furthermore, he argued that abstaining from s£x before marriage is crucial for honoring one’s body and respecting God.

Buchi warned against the dangers of premarital s£x, stating that it ruins individuals spiritually, physically, and emotionally. He advised couples to focus on building an emotional connection with each other before introducing s£x into the relationship.

“If you do not learn how to experience intimacy without s£x before marriage, you’ll struggle in marriage. Marriage comes with some seasons of minimal or no s£x. “How would you cope? Marriage is wayyyy bigger than s£x. If all you do is mate like a dog before marriage, I’m bothered about how you’ll sustain intimacy when s£x isn’t available in marriage. You can date without s£x. You should do it. Your head will be clear; your mind won’t be fogged by org@sms. It will be easier to walk away, and most importantly, you honor your body unto the Lord. S£x before marriage is not normal. It’s not fun. It’s human depravity.

Buchi’s advice has garnered mixed reactions from social media users. While some have commended him for his views, others have criticized his stance, stating that s£x is a crucial part of a healthy relationship and that it’s unrealistic to expect couples to abstain from it.

Despite the differing opinions, Buchi’s message serves as a reminder that building a strong foundation of emotional intimacy before engaging in s£xual activity is crucial for a healthy and long-lasting relationship.

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