‘I’m unmarried because I need a man with nice body and flat stomach like David Beckham’ – Actress Gloria Sarfo reveals

Ghanaian actress Gloria Sarfo has revealed the reason why she is still unmarried in a recent chat on the Visdel show. The talented actress, who has been in the industry for quite some time, shared her preference when it comes to the type of man she wants to marry.

During the chat, Gloria Sarfo was specific in pointing out that looks are the most important thing to her when it comes to choosing a partner. She mentioned that she needs a man with good looks and someone who dresses well, just like footballer David Beckham. The actress also stated that she prefers a man with a flat tummy and nice legs.

The specs mentioned by Gloria Sarfo have sparked a lot of conversations on social media, with many people describing them as hilarious while others have dragged her. Some people have questioned whether looks should be the only factor to consider when choosing a life partner.

@brownlegend also wrote: “we have the likes of kudus, salisu, laryea kingston, olele and don bortey, we don’t have David beckham.“.

@dey_there_ey_talk: “In your 20’s you allowed to dream as lady but if you are in your 30’s then you are hallucinating…“,

@cholatevilla: She better have Victoria Beckham’s looks then 😂😂😂

In response to the criticisms, the actress took to social media to clarify her statement, stating that looks are not the only factor that she considers when choosing a partner. She emphasized that a man’s character and personality are also important factors that she takes into account.

Despite the backlash, Gloria Sarfo has remained resolute in her preferences and has urged people to respect her choices. The actress is known for her outspokenness and has often used her platform to advocate for issues that are dear to her.

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