Is Orlando Brown Jr. good?

Bengals get OT Orlando Brown Jr. for 4 years, $64 million today.

Orlando Brown Jr. is a professional American football player who currently plays as an offensive tackle for the Kansas City Chiefs in the National Football League (NFL). He has been in the league since 2018 and has played for the Baltimore Ravens and the Chiefs. Brown Jr. is widely regarded as one of the most promising young players in the league, and his performances on the field have attracted attention from fans and analysts alike. In this article, we will explore the question: Is Orlando Brown Jr. good?

Who is Orlando Brown Jr.?

Orlando Brown Jr. was born on May 2, 1996, in Baltimore, Maryland. He is the son of former NFL player Orlando Brown Sr., who played as an offensive tackle for the Cleveland Browns and the Baltimore Ravens. Brown Jr. attended Oklahoma University, where he played college football for the Sooners. In 2018, he was selected in the third round of the NFL Draft by the Baltimore Ravens.

During his time with the Ravens, Brown Jr. established himself as a talented offensive tackle, starting all 16 games in the 2019 season and helping the team to secure a playoff spot. However, in 2020, he expressed a desire to play at left tackle, a position that was already occupied by Ronnie Stanley, one of the best players in the league at that position. As a result, the Ravens traded Brown Jr. to the Kansas City Chiefs in exchange for draft picks.

Is Orlando Brown Jr. good?

The answer to this question depends on who you ask. So if you ask me, I will say he is a very good player. There is no doubt that Brown Jr. has the potential to be an elite offensive tackle in the NFL. He has excellent size and strength, as well as good technique and footwork. In addition, he has shown that he is capable of playing at a high level against some of the best defensive players in the league.

However, some analysts have raised concerns about Brown Jr.’s consistency and discipline. He has been known to struggle at times against faster and more agile pass rushers, and he has also been flagged for penalties on occasion. In addition, some experts have questioned his ability to play at left tackle, which is considered to be the more important position for offensive linemen.

Despite these concerns, there is no denying that Brown Jr. is a talented player with a bright future in the league. He has already established himself as one of the best young offensive tackles in the NFL, and he will undoubtedly continue to improve as he gains more experience. In addition, he has the benefit of playing for one of the best coaches in the league in Andy Reid, who has a track record of developing young offensive linemen.


In conclusion, the question of whether Orlando Brown Jr. is good is a complex one that depends on a number of factors. While he has shown plenty of promise in his career so far, there are also concerns about his consistency and discipline, as well as his ability to play at left tackle. However, there is no doubt that he has the potential to be one of the best offensive linemen in the league, and with the right coaching and development, he could reach that level in the coming years. Fans of the Kansas City Chiefs and NFL enthusiasts in general will undoubtedly be keeping a close eye on Brown Jr.’s progress in the coming seasons.

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