Is Ron Goldman’s mother still alive?

Ron Goldman was a young man who was tragically murdered in 1994 alongside Nicole Brown Simpson, the ex-wife of famous American football player O.J. Simpson. The murder case was highly publicized and the trial that followed was dubbed the “Trial of the Century.” One question that may come up is whether Ron Goldman’s mother is still alive.

Is Ron Goldman’s mother still alive?

Unfortunately, Fred Goldman, Ron’s father, passed away on February 21, 2021, at the age of 81 due to complications from Parkinson’s disease. However, Ron’s mother, Sharon Rufo, is still alive as of the latest available information. She has kept a relatively low profile since the trial, but has spoken out on occasion about the case and her son’s memory.

In the aftermath of the murder trial, Fred Goldman and Sharon Rufo became vocal advocates for victims’ rights and sought justice for their son’s death. They pursued a civil suit against O.J. Simpson, who had been acquitted of the criminal charges, and won a multi-million dollar judgment in 1997.

Since then, Sharon Rufo has kept a relatively low profile, but has occasionally spoken out about her son and the case. In a 2014 interview with NBC News, she spoke about the ongoing pain of losing her son and the impact it has had on her family. “It’s hard every day,” she said. “You learn to live with it, but it never goes away.”

Sharon Rufo has also been involved in advocacy work related to domestic violence and victims’ rights. In 2017, she spoke at a rally against domestic violence in Beverly Hills, saying that she hoped her son’s death could raise awareness and prevent future tragedies.

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