Israel DMW also Deletes all the pictures, videos including his own Wedding photos on his own Instagram feed to show solidarity to Davido

In the world of celebrities, loyalty is a rare commodity, but it seems that Davido has found a steadfast ally in his personal logistics manager, Israel DMW. The news of Israel’s unwavering support for the music superstar has been making the rounds on social media after he deleted all the pictures and videos on his Instagram feed, just like his boss, Davido did recently.

Israel’s move was a clear show of solidarity with the Nigerian music sensation, who recently caused a stir on social media after he deleted all his Instagram posts without any explanation. Many fans and critics alike were left wondering what could have prompted Davido’s sudden move.

However, Israel’s decision to follow suit and wipe his Instagram page clean of all content has sparked a wave of admiration and respect from many social media users who have expressed their love for him. In a world where loyalty is hard to come by, Israel’s dedication and devotion to Davido have not gone unnoticed.

Israel’s love for Davido knows no bounds, and he is always ready to go the extra mile to ensure that the music superstar is well taken care of. Israel’s unwavering loyalty has earned him the nickname “DMW soldier,” a testament to his commitment to the DMW record label and its founder.

In a surprising turn of events, Israel even went as far as deleting his own wedding photos from his Instagram page, further demonstrating his love and loyalty to Davido. This move has left many social media users in awe, with some calling Israel a true friend and a rare gem in the entertainment industry.

While some critics have accused Israel of being too obsessed with Davido, his actions have undoubtedly won him many admirers and fans. It remains to be seen what the future holds for the dynamic duo, but one thing is certain: Israel DMW’s unwavering loyalty to Davido has not gone unnoticed

Source: socialmediatrendz.net

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