“Keeping your moves and relationships secret is a way of dealing with monitoring spirits”- Pastor John Anosike

In a recent sermon, Pastor John Anosike has urged his congregation to keep their moves and relationships a secret as a way of dealing with monitoring spirits. The pastor, who is well-known for his teachings on spiritual warfare, has advised his followers to only share their success stories during testimonial services.

According to Pastor Anosike, monitoring spirits are entities that watch over people and monitor their every move. These spirits, he believes, can be both good and bad. The good spirits are said to protect people from harm, while the bad spirits are said to be responsible for people’s misfortunes.

"Keeping your moves and relationships secret is a way of dealing with monitoring spirits"- Pastor John Anosike

To deal with monitoring spirits, Pastor Anosike recommends that people keep their success and relationships a secret. He argues that by doing so, people can avoid attracting unwanted attention and protect themselves from negative energies.

“Keep it secret until you’re done,” he said. “Don’t let people know what you’re doing until you’ve achieved your goals. This way, you can avoid attracting the wrong kind of attention and protect yourself from negative energies.”

The pastor’s advice has resonated with many of his followers, who have taken to social media to share their own experiences with monitoring spirits. Many have praised the pastor for his teachings and have vowed to follow his advice.

However, some have criticized Pastor Anosike’s teachings, arguing that it promotes secrecy and encourages people to be dishonest. Others have accused him of using fear tactics to control his followers and promote his own agenda.

Despite the criticism, Pastor Anosike remains steadfast in his beliefs and continues to preach his message of spiritual warfare. His teachings have inspired many of his followers to take control of their lives and pursue their dreams without fear of negative energies.

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