Lady, Died from the curse of A guy she dumped after helping her travel abroad

Tragedy has struck the family of Diana, a 34-year-old lady who sought the help of Auntie Naa to beg her baby daddy, Twumasi. Diana has passed away, leaving behind a heart-wrenching tale of love, broken promises and pain.

Seven years ago, Twumasi had helped Diana travel abroad for a house help job which paid $300 a month. However, trouble started when Twumasi began questioning her salary. Diana refused to disclose her earnings which led to a heated argument. She eventually called it quits and told Twumasi that she couldn’t continue with the relationship.

Heartbroken, Twumasi lashed out at her, saying that “she will suffer”. Diana fell ill and despite receiving treatment from doctors, she began to believe that her illness was a result of Twumasi’s curse.

When she returned to Ghana, Diana tried to reconcile with Twumasi and seek his forgiveness, but he refused to listen to her. The situation worsened when Diana’s health began to deteriorate, and she was hospitalized. Unfortunately, Diana lost the battle for her life and passed away.

Diana’s untimely death has left her family and loved ones devastated. It is a stark reminder of the importance of forgiveness and the impact of hurtful words. The story of Diana and Twumasi serves as a warning to couples to communicate effectively and handle their differences in a mature and respectful manner.

May Diana’s soul rest in peace and her family find comfort during this difficult time.

Source: socialmediatrendz.net

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