“Layla guy had the opportunity to shoot skit with Sabinus, and came up with crap he has zero talent”, Bongo Ideas on Massage skit

Bongo Ideas has said that, the Skit Layla shot with Nigerian comedian, Sabinus is a crap and went on to say that, he has zero talent.

“What if Sarkodie did not become successful, would Tracy have still chosen him?”, Bongo Ideas ask

In his words; “That Layla guy had the opportunity to shoot a skit with Sabinus, and that was the CRAP he could come up with?”

“I’ve observed him keenly, and to put it mildly, he has zero talent; his aggressive comedy style will only appeal to the non-elites(nkurasefuo). Absolute nkurasesem!”

“I’m getting notoriously popular and I’m loving it”, Bongo Ideas

Do you think Bongo is making sense?

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