“Let’s push the subscribers on my YouTube channel to 1million before I drop the music video for “Bad Man” – Shatta Wale

Ghanaian reggae-dancehall artist, Shatta Wale, has set his sights on a new goal: reaching one million subscribers on his YouTube channel before releasing his highly-anticipated music video for his hit song, “Bad Man.” The singer made the announcement in a recent Instagram post, urging his fans to help him achieve the milestone.

In the post, Shatta Wale thanked his supporters for their unwavering love and support and promised to give them more videos this year. He then went on to explain that he was determined to drop the “Bad Man” video, but only if his YouTube channel reached one million subscribers.

“Public Notice to all my SM fans: I know you people want more videos this year and I am ready to give them to you. What we have to do now is to push the subscribers on my YouTube channel to 1million before I drop the “Bad Man” video,” he wrote.

Shatta Wale’s loyal fans, also known as the “SM fans,” were thrilled with the news and quickly took to social media to show their support. Many shared the post and urged their friends and family to subscribe to Shatta Wale’s channel so that they could see the “Bad Man” video.

The singer’s decision to set such a high subscriber goal for his channel before releasing the video shows the power of social media and the influence that artists can have on their fans. Shatta Wale is known for his ability to connect with his audience, and this move is just another example of how he uses his platform to engage with his supporters.

With his fans’ help, it is only a matter of time before Shatta Wale reaches his goal of one million subscribers on YouTube. In the meantime, his followers are eagerly anticipating the release of the “Bad Man” video, which is sure to be a hit.

Source: socialmediatrendz.net

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