Meet Jill Vandenberg Curtis: Tony Curtis’s Last Wife

Jill Vandenberg Curtis is known for being the sixth and last wife of the late Tony Curtis. Jill got much fame after the death of her late husband due to the circumstances surrounding the sharing of his will.

What was the age difference between Tony and Jill?

Tony Curtis was 40 years Jill’s senior. At the time of his death in 2010, Tony was 85 while Jill was only 45 years old.

How long was Tony Curtis married to Jill Vandenberg?

Jill and Tony were married for 12 years. After meeting in 1997, the couple tied the knot in 1998. They were together until Tony’s death in 2010.

How much did Jill Vandenberg inherit from Tony Curtis?

Jill inherited all of Tony’s estate. She was the only inheritor names in her late husband’s will.

Tony left Jill his estate which was worth $40 million in 2010. He did not leave any of his properties to his children.

Who is Jill Vandenberg Curtis’s new husband?

Although they were together for over a decade, Tony and Jill had no children together (Tony had five children from his previous marriages).

Three years after the death of Tony, Jill got married to her current husband, Todd Weber.

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Not much is known about the husband of Jill. He is a very private person who keeps his life out from the spotlight.

Where is Jill Vandenberg now?

After her marriage, Jill changed her name to Jill Curtis-Weber. Jill and her new husband are currently living in Deadwood, South Dakota.

After she and her husband sold Tony’s Nevada ranch in 2019, the couple moved to Deadwood, South Dakota, in March 2020.


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