“Men are too competitive, I bought him a MacBook & that was what sparked the downfall of our relationship”, Lady laments

A lady has revealed her reasons for not buying anything for any ma she dates anymore.

Her tweet which soarked the conversation online reads, “I bought this man a MacBook and that was what sparked the downfall of our relationship.”

When asked what she started noticing after she bought the MacBook for her partner, she said “He was visibly upset about the gift saying he was going to buy it next year after saving. I offered to return it, he said nah. Money was tight for him but he wouldn’t let me buy anything moving forward until we were equal in terms of spending. No dates. Just staring at the wall”

“Then he began to police my spending. Telling me to return my Gucci glasses, I can buy Amazon glasses. I wanted to go to Cancun and he kept downing it saying no let’s vacation at North Carolina. I’m sorry wtf is there. I paid for our trip to Cancun and hell broke loose”, she continued.

Based on this experience, she said “Men are so competitive and prideful omg. Lesson learned to not buy them expensive gifts unless it’s my husband.”

“Happily single. Tired of hearing I’m too ambitious”

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