“No African man can handle my S3xtual urge, Even a white man ran away”- Korra Obidi

Nigerian choreographer and social media content creator, Korra Obidi talks with excessive pride and self-satisfaction about her love life, says she’ll never date a Nigerian man because she’s very convinced none of them can take good care of her.

Korra Obidi’s marriage with father of her two children, Doctor Justin Dean came to a dramatic end and issues surrounding break-up trended online because they always looked like perfect couple anytime both come online.

After their divorce, many think there’s someone behind the scene who’s showing interest in the beautiful and energetic dancer.

A fan asked Korra if she’ll consider dating a Nigerian man who’s living in the United States.

In response, Korra allegedly said, which Nigerian man can stand her choices, even white man run away.

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