“No Mcbrown no party”- Ghanaian Social media reacts to UTV’s upcoming royal welcome ceremony for new United Showbiz host, MzGee

The announcement by UTV that they will be holding a royal welcome ceremony for MzGee, the new host of United Showbiz, has elicited mixed reactions from social media users.

Many users expressed their excitement about the upcoming ceremony, saying that it is a great way to honor the new host and welcome her to the UTV family. They commended the station for recognizing the importance of such ceremonies, which help to foster a sense of belonging and make new employees feel appreciated.

Others, however, were critical of the move, saying that it was unnecessary and a waste of resources. They argued that such ceremonies are often reserved for royalty and other high-profile individuals, and that it was inappropriate to extend such treatment to a TV host.

Some social media users also questioned the motive behind the ceremony, suggesting that it was a PR stunt aimed at generating publicity for the show and the station.

See some of the reactions below…

vision2020: I wouldn’t even spend my time watching the show

_gistavenue: NO ONE will watch since McBrown has resigned

boilondon_laala: This show has lost audience after nana Ama exit

dr_kwamenkrumah: McBrown is slowly taking away her followers, truly speaking that woman has power ..lol, the numbers on the show now is not encouraging

eclippx_wan: No Mcbrown no party

gracenyonaah: We won’t watch

Despite the mixed reactions, it is clear that the royal welcome ceremony has generated a lot of interest and anticipation among fans of United Showbiz and MzGee. The ceremony is scheduled to take place this weekend, and many viewers are expected to tune in to watch the proceedings.

Source: socialmediatrendz.net

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