Patrick Ewing and his ex-wife Rita Williams-Ewing relationship timeline

Patrick Ewing is a legendary basketball player who is widely recognized as one of the greatest players in NBA history. Throughout his career, he has had many notable achievements, including being a 11-time All-Star, winning two Olympic gold medals, and being inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame. However, Ewing’s personal life has also been the subject of public scrutiny, particularly his relationship with his ex-wife, Rita Williams-Ewing.

Patrick Ewing and his ex-wife Rita Williams-Ewing relationship timeline

Patrick Ewing and Rita Williams-Ewing were married in 1990 and had three children together: Patrick Jr., Randi, and Corey. They were seen as one of the most successful and high-profile couples in the sports world.

However, in 1997, rumors began to circulate about Patrick’s infidelity, and the couple separated in 1998. They officially divorced in 1999.

Despite their divorce, Patrick and Rita remained on good terms, co-parenting their children and even starting a foundation together, the Patrick Ewing Foundation, which aimed to provide education and athletic opportunities to underprivileged children.

In 2009, Patrick revealed that he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer, and Rita was by his side during his treatment and recovery.

In 2017, Patrick and Rita’s son, Patrick Jr., became an assistant coach for the Charlotte Hornets, where his father was serving as an associate head coach. This marked a full-circle moment for the family, as Patrick Sr. had played for the Hornets during his NBA career.

Overall, while Patrick and Rita’s romantic relationship did not last, they have maintained a close and supportive relationship as co-parents and partners in their philanthropic efforts.

Is Rita Williams Ewing married?

Rita Williams-Ewing was married to Patrick Ewing from 1990 until their divorce in 1998. Since then, it is unclear whether she has remarried or is currently in a relationship.

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Does Patrick Ewing have kids?

Yes, Patrick Ewing has three children with his ex-wife Rita Williams-Ewing: Patrick Ewing Jr., Randi Ewing, and Corey Ewing.

What is Patrick Ewing’s salary at Georgetown?

As of 2021, Patrick Ewing is the head coach of the Georgetown University men’s basketball team. His annual salary is reported to be $2 million.

What is Patrick Ewing Jr. doing now?

Patrick Ewing Jr. followed in his father’s footsteps and also became a basketball player. He played college basketball at Georgetown and then played professionally in the NBA Development League, as well as overseas in Europe and Asia. Currently, he is an assistant coach for the Utah Jazz.

How much is Ewing worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Patrick Ewing’s net worth is approximately $85 million. This is largely due to his successful basketball career, as well as his various business ventures and endorsements.

Why did Patrick Ewing wear a tee shirt?

During his playing career, Patrick Ewing was known for wearing a white t-shirt under his basketball jersey. This was not just a fashion statement, but rather a practical choice. Ewing reportedly wore the t-shirt because he had a habit of sweating profusely during games, and the t-shirt helped to absorb some of the sweat and prevent it from dripping onto the court. Additionally, Ewing has said that the t-shirt helped him to stay warm during games played in cold arenas.

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