Paul Flores wife, children & family background: All about Kristin Smart’s killer

Paul Flores, the man accused of murdering college student Kristin Smart, has recently been charged with her murder after a decades-long investigation. With the renewed focus on the case, many have turned their attention to Flores’ wife and family, who have been connected to the case in various ways. Here is a breakdown of what is known about them:

The Disappearance of Kristin Smart

Kristin Smart, a 19-year-old student at California Polytechnic State University, disappeared in May 1996 after attending a party. Paul Flores, who was also a student at the university at the time, was the last person seen with her. Despite extensive searches and investigations, Smart’s body has never been found.

Paul Flores’ Wife – A High School Sweetheart

Paul Flores’ wife has remained largely out of the public eye. However, it has been reported that she was Flores’ high school sweetheart and the two got married shortly after Smart’s disappearance. The couple has two children together and have been married for over 20 years.

The Flores Family’s Connection to the Case

Paul Flores’ parents, Ruben and Susan Flores, have also been connected to the case. Ruben Flores was recently charged as an accessory after the fact for allegedly helping to conceal Smart’s body after her murder. He has pleaded not guilty to the charge. Susan Flores has not been charged in connection to the case.

The Flores Family’s Troubled Past

The Flores family has a troubled past that has been brought to light in recent years. Ruben Flores has been convicted of multiple offenses, including a felony hit-and-run in 2003. Susan Flores has also been convicted of embezzlement and was sentenced to prison in 2018.

The Impact on Kristin Smart’s Family

The ongoing case and recent developments have been difficult for Kristin Smart’s family. They have waited over two decades for answers and closure in their daughter’s case. Denise Smart, Kristin’s mother, has spoken out about the toll the case has taken on her family and their efforts to find justice for Kristin.

The Road Ahead

With Paul and Ruben Flores both facing charges in connection to Kristin Smart’s murder, the case is far from over. It remains to be seen what evidence will be presented in court and whether or not Kristin’s body will ever be found. However, the recent developments have brought renewed attention to the case and hope for Kristin’s family that justice will finally be served.

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