Robert Blake Net Worth: How Rich Was The Actor At The Time of His Death?

Robert Blake, an American actor with over six decades of experience in the entertainment industry, was renowned for his roles in popular TV shows and movies like “Baretta,” “In Cold Blood,” and “Lost Highway.”

Given his extensive acting career, Blake’s net worth has been a topic of interest to many. In this article, we will delve into Robert Blake’s net worth, how he began his career, and the financial challenges he faced.

Robert Blake’s net worth at death

Robert Blake’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million as of 2023. However, this amount may seem modest for an experienced actor like Blake, given his long-standing acting career. It’s worth mentioning that Robert Blake faced several financial difficulties throughout his career, including bankruptcy and legal battles.

Who will inherit Blake’s wealth?

At the moment, it is not known who will inherit all of Blake’s money. However it is believed that his wealth will be shared among his three children.

Early Life and Career

Robert Blake was born on September 18, 1933, in Nutley, New Jersey. He started his acting career as a child actor in 1939, starring in movies such as “The Our Gang” series. In the 1950s, he continued to act in minor roles until he landed his breakthrough role in the 1967 film “In Cold Blood.”

Blake’s outstanding performance as Perry Smith earned him critical acclaim, and he became a household name in the entertainment industry.

What happened to Robert Blake?

Robert died on Thursday, March 9, 2023, at his home in Los Angeles. He was 89. His death was announced by his niece, Noreen Austin. The cause was long-term heart disease, a niece, Noreen Austin, said.

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Blake’s Financial Struggles

In 2001, Robert Blake’s wife, Bonnie Lee Bakley, was murdered, and he faced trial for the crime. Although he was acquitted, the trial affected his finances, and he incurred substantial legal fees. This, combined with lost income, contributed to his financial struggles. Consequently, in 2005, Robert Blake filed for bankruptcy.

Despite his financial difficulties, Robert Blake continued to appear in movies such as “Hell’s Kitchen” and TV shows like “Judging Amy.” Unfortunately, the income from these projects was insufficient to help him recover from his financial challenges.

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