“She left me after I set up business for her”, Heartbreak as lady dump man despite his efforts to make her happy

In a heartbreaking turn of events, a man has been left devastated after his efforts to make his girlfriend happy were in vain. The man, who preferred to remain anonymous, shared his story with us and revealed that he had tried everything to please his girlfriend but was still left heartbroken.

According to Carlos, he had informed his girlfriend about his son from a previous relationship and the reason he and his ex-partner separated. Despite this, they started a good relationship, and he did everything possible to make her happy, including getting her an iPhone X since he was using an iPhone 12.

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Additionally, after losing his job in 2021 due to his son’s health problems, he asked his girlfriend what kind of business she would like to start and invested in setting it up for her once he received some money back. However, after several months of being together, she ended the relationship.

Carlos shared that his girlfriend cited a rumor about him sleeping with his baby mama behind her back as the reason for the breakup. Despite the fact that this is untrue and he had never even attempted it, his girlfriend chose to believe the rumor and ended their relationship.

To add insult to injury, she also demanded that he not brag about the business he had set up for her because she had already spent the money and had even swapped the iPhone X for a lesser model, the iPhone 7+.

In his words:

“A lady whom I love so much and tried all my best to make her happy and I even told her that I have a son and that me and my baby mama no longer together because of our genotype so she agreed and we started a good relationship.  I did everything for this lady she wasn’t using a good phone I got her iPhone X since I Am using 12 and also asked what kinda business she wanted to do because I lost my job in 2021 because of my son’s health problems, spent all my money on him so I got some money back and set her up on the business she wanted to do.”

“After some months this lady told me she can’t be with me anymore because someone told her that I will go and sleep with my baby mama at her back without her knowing which is totally not true because ever since Doctor made it known to me and my baby mama we are not compatible,  I have never tried sleeping with her or whatsoever but this lady went on to break up with me because of what someone said to her and also told me I shouldn’t even brag to people I set up business for her because that money she has spent it and also the phone I bought her she has swapped the X to get 7 +.”

Carlos was understandably devastated by the situation and said that he felt like he had been used. He shared his story with the hope that it would serve as a lesson to others to be cautious in their relationships and not to believe rumors without first verifying the facts.

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