“She prepared indomie for us to eat 4 days ago but I was told she died 2 weeks ago”, Lady narrates

A Ghanaian lady who identified herself as Freda has revealed her scary ordeal of being invited by a friend, dined with her and she asked her to collect money from all her debtors without knowing she passed on two weeks ago.

According to her, she received call from this friend she had back in SHS, saying she should visit her. She took a bolt cap and met this friend up and she prepared noodles for them to eat.

She revealed this friend that she named as Sisi asked her to help her retrieveomey from all her debtors and she called these debtors to hand over the money to the narrator in this story.

She continued that, she got to and someone called her to reveal go her that Sisi passed on through an accident two weeks ago and was buried.

She was shocked that all the contacts Sisi saved on her phone for her to collect debts from vanished including the one who called to announce her demise.

Listen to her below

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