What Happened To Nicola Bulley?

Nicola Bulley, a British woman, went missing on 27 January 2023 while walking her dog in St Michael’s on Wyre, Lancashire, England.

Lancashire Constabulary reported that no indications of suspicious activity or involvement of a third party were found in the disappearance. They also stated that their primary hypothesis was that she fell into the River Wyre.

Despite an extensive search of the river and surrounding area involving divers, helicopters, sniffer dogs, and drones, no body was discovered.

Nicola Disappeared On Friday 27 January 2023

Bulley drove to St Michael’s on Wyre on a Friday morning, after dropping her children at school at around 8:40 am. She walked with her dog along the River Wyre.

At 8:53, she sent an email to her employer and at 8:57, she sent a text message to arrange a playdate for her children. Later, she joined a Microsoft Teams call at 9:01 but kept her phone’s camera and microphone disengaged.

She was last seen at approximately 9:10, walking with her dog off its leash in a riverside field. At 9:20, her phone was thought to be near a riverside bench. At 9:30, the Teams call ended, and at 9:33, a passerby found her phone on the bench still connected to the call.

Her dog was found alone near the bench, and its harness was discovered on the ground between the bench and the river.

Recovery of Body

A body was discovered on February 19th in the river by a couple walking their dog. It was found about a mile downstream from where Bulley was last seen. The couple reported the discovery to the police, who recovered the body from the reeds and undergrowth.

The area was then cordoned off and a tent was set up beside the river while a police helicopter monitored from above. Some members of the public attempted to take photos of the body by pretending to be journalists and climbing over a fence.

On February 20th, the Lancashire Constabulary confirmed that the body was Bulley’s, identified by her dental records. However, the cause of death is still unknown.

The inquest was opened on February 22nd at the Preston coroner’s court, adjourned until June 2023.

Who Is Nicola Bulley?

Nicola Jane Bulley was a 45-year-old woman who was originally from Essex but had been living in Lancashire since the late 1990s. She had a partner who was 44 years old and two daughters. The family resided in the village of Inskip.

Bulley was employed as a mortgage adviser. According to reports, she had been dealing with problems related to perimenopause and alcohol.

On 10 January, police and health experts were summoned to the family home due to concerns about her well-being.

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