“Where is our home training”, Guy reacts to the way Ghanaian youths are rooting about Shugatiti vs King Nasir ‘s3x match’

Due to his desire to induce org@sm in Shugatiti, American pornstar King Nasir has sparked a social media craze. Although Shugatiti admitted in an interview that she has slept with many men but has never had an orgasm, the adult film star recently said on his social media accounts that he could make her climax.

The two engaged in back-and-forth teasing on social media as a result of the comments, challenging each other to a s3xual encounter in order to demonstrate their dominance.

King Nasir has now asked for money from interested parties who want to see this sexual encounter happen, adding a fresh chapter to the drama.

“Pay to watch our match live”, King Nasir requested funds from interested parties who wish to see his s3xual encounter with Shugatiti

However in tweet, a young man said; “See the way Ghanaian youths root about Shugatiti and King Nasir s*x match … Where is our morals , where is our dignity , where is our home training and where is the link to the video”

The demand for money has only served to increase the excitement surrounding the anticipated meeting, with many interested netizens wondering if the two will keep their provocative promises. King Nasir and Shugatiti appear to have the internet buzzing with anticipation, but only time will tell if this tempting tease leads to a full-blown encounter.

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