Who is the Grade 8 teacher? Paris Hilton says she had ‘inappropriate’ relationship with a Grade 8 teacher

Paris Hilton’s new memoir, titled “Paris: The Memoir,” is causing quite a stir in the celebrity world. In the book, the heiress opens up about her past, including a shocking revelation that she was allegedly groomed by her 8th-grade teacher when she was only 14 years old.

Hilton claims the teacher, who she referred to in the book as “Mr. Abercrombie,” had a “very Abercrombie” image and was a “handsome young teacher” at her Catholic school. According to Hilton, the inappropriate relationship began when Mr. Abercrombie told her he reciprocated her crush.

“He made me feel noticed in an important, grown-up way,” Hilton wrote. “He flattered and teased me and said that all the other girls were talking about me behind my back because they were jealous.”

Hilton alleged that the teacher asked for her personal phone number and would call her almost every night. They would talk for hours, with Mr. Abercrombie complimenting Hilton on her beauty and intelligence.

The situation reportedly escalated when Mr. Abercrombie asked to visit Hilton’s house when her parents were gone. Hilton claims that when she saw his car idling in her driveway, she climbed into the passenger’s seat and was kissed by him. However, the kiss was interrupted when Hilton’s parents returned home.

Hilton alleges that Mr. Abercrombie then drove away from the house with her still in the car. Her parents followed in pursuit until Mr. Abercrombie returned Hilton to her home.

The incident served as a catalyst for Hilton being sent to live with her grandmother in Palm Springs, California. In the book, Hilton reflects on the experience, writing, “Every 8th-grade girl is a treasure, like a priceless work of art, so you’d like to think that every 8th-grade teacher will be like a security guard in an art gallery. He’s not there to enjoy the beauty; he’s there to protect it. He’s there to enforce the rules, and Rule Number One is: DO. NOT. TOUCH. Keep your fingers, lips, and man bits off the masterpieces.”

Aside from the shocking revelation, the memoir also delves into other personal moments in Hilton’s life, including the release of her unauthorized sex tape, being allegedly cornered by former movie producer and convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein, and falsely stating publicly that she voted for Donald Trump in the 2016 election.

“Paris: The Memoir” was released on March 14 and is already generating a lot of buzz. Hilton’s honesty and willingness to share her past experiences have been praised by many, with some calling it a must-read for anyone interested in the life of the famous heiress.

Source: Ghnewsbuzz.com

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